°CALEON Clima Smart

How to set up the CALEON App

1. Download °CALEON App to your mobile device. Currently available on Google Play (Android) and Apple App Store (iOS) 2. Start app and create account 3. Click activation link in your e-mail inbox 4. Connect °CALEON with the WLAN network: Expert – Settings – WiFi – Choose Network 5. Add selected e-mail address to access list: Expert – Settings – WiFi – Access Control 6. Log in to °CALEON app with e-mail and password 7. Enter device address in °CALEON app. The device address can be found in the device: Expert – Settings – WiFi – Wifi Status Done!

How to Update Firmware via WiFi with °CALEON Smart

1. Menu | Expert | Service values | Firmware 2. Wait till download is completed Done! °CALEON automatically detects if the newest software is already installed. Firmware for other SOREL controllers which are connected to °CALEON Smart can also be updated in this way! Look for the corresponding item in the Expert menu (for example “°CALEONbox Firmware”) and proceed as shown in this video.

How to use the PWM 0/10V outputs on °CALEON Clima to control a zone valve, dehumidifier or fan coil

1) Connect external relay to 0-10V / PWM output of °CALEON Clima 2) Connect external relay to desired external device (e.g. zone valve, dehumidifier, or fan coil) 3) When °CALEON Clima is fully installed, go to Menu – Expert – Caleon – Manage Functions 4) Select desired function 5) Configure settings for that function. Some devices like 0-10V actuators or high-efficiency pumps can be configured in the same way, but even without the need for an external relay in between.