°CALEONbox Fresh

Universal system and multi-zone controller for surface heating, cooling and decentral fresh water systems with up to 8 °CALEON room controllers. The electronic fresh water control provides a stable tapping temperature.








OEM service: We’ll happily contribute with our 10+ years experience in developing fresh water systems, and support you in the initial adjustment of all control parameters to your stations – for quick and precise tapping temperatures in every common tapping situations.

°CALEONbox Fresh
Power supply 230VAC
Internal operating voltages 24VDC, 5VDC, 3.3VDC
Relay outputs 230VAC on/off 9
Relay outputs potential-free with switch contact 2
0-10V or PWM outputs 3
24VDC voltage output for external devices ✓ max. 6W
LEDs for operating conditions 14
Temperature sensor inputs *1 up to 20
Grundfos VFS Sensor input *4 1
Compatible room controllers *3 up to 8 °CALEON or °CALEON Clima
Digital interface *2 2xCAN + 1-Wire
Heating pump *5 230VAC on/off or PWM
Heating mixer *6 0-10V or PWM
Heating zones and actuators *7 8 x 3
Heat request *8
Heating/cooling switching *8
Cooling request *8
Dehumidifiers *9
Heating operating times per day *10 8 per zone
Comfort function for rapid heating *10 ✓ for each zone
Energy-saving heating mode Eco *10 ✓ for each zone
Cooling times per day *10 8 per zone
Comfort function for rapid cooling *10 ✓ for each zone
Energie-saving cooling mode Eco *10 ✓ for each zone
Internet access via SOREL Connect *11
Dew point calculation *12
Holiday programme
PID control for constant room temperature
Frost protection function
Circulation pump operation


*1 by 1-wire bus up to 20 sensors. Additional temperature sensors by CAN network
*2 Two separate CAN networks, 1x private (appartment), 1x heating system (building)
*3 up to 8 °CALEON can be supplied with 24VDC by °CALEONbox. When connecting more °CALEONs, an additional power supply is required. Alternatively, an external 230VAC thermostat can be operated for each zone.
*4 for measuring tap temperature and flow for domestic hot water control
*5 via 230VAC relays on/off, or speed-controlled via PWM
*6 Flow temperature control is done according to room temperature, optionally weather-compensated or combination of weather-compensation with room temperature influence
*7up to 8 heating zones with up to 3x 230VAC actuators as NO or NC design also with PID control
*8 potential-free relay contact, 0-10V or PWM signal or via CAN network
*10 adjustable via °CALEON or °CALEON Clima
*11 via SOREL Data Logger (soon also via °CALEON 24VDC Smart Thermostat with Wifi)
*12 separately in every zone where °CALEON Clima is installed


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Configurator for underfloor heating

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