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Domestic Hot Water Controller


SLC – Storage Loading Controller

Storage Loading Controller with speed control of high-efficiency pump.


CC – Circulation Controller

For optimised control of a circulation pump in domestic hot water systems.


TC -Thermostat Controller

Controller with thermostat function for storage loading.

Sensor inputs PT1000 6 3 3
Sensor inputs for Grundfos VVX / VFS / RPS sensor 2
Relay outputs 230V 3 1 1
Outputs 0..10V or PWM signal
for speed control of high-efficiency pumps
2 1
Number of applications 5 1 4
Extension of pre-defined systems
by selectable additional functions
LEDs red/green for display of operating status
Statistics and graphic analysis of data memory
Flow based heat metering via Grundfos direct sensor (VFS)
Pressure monitoring via Grundfos direct sensor (RPS)
Battery-backed Real Time Clock > 24h
Time and Temperature-controlled thermostat function
Time and Temperature-controlled circulation pump switch
Pre-regulation of the primary circuit temperature by three-way mixer
Anti-legionella function
Legionella protecion via additional heating
Setup wizard
Solar-System protection
Discharge protection
Function control and error memory with date and time
Menu blocker
Power supply for universal voltage range (100…240VAC)
and reduced standby consumption
Input for low energy tariff or PV overproduction (PV contact)
Dimensions Height x Width x Depth in mm 163 x 110 x 51 115 x 86 x 45 115 x 86 x 45
Housing colour RAL 9003 RAL 9003 RAL 9003
Protection Class IP40 IP40 IP40
Mounting Hardware, Spare Fuse and User Manual

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