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For flexible control of complex heating systems with various heat sources.

XHCC For flexible control of complex heating systems or combined heating and cooling systems




SOREL Connect

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Temperature control class VI / 4%
Sensor inputs 17
of which for PT1000 Temperature sensors 11
of which for remote adjuster 2
of which for Direct Sensors VVX / VFS / RPS Temperature 2
of which for Direct Sensors VVX / VFS / RPS flow 2
Compatible room thermostat °CALEON / °CALEON Clima / RC20 / RC21
Relay outputs 230V 6
Relay output voltage-free 1
Outputs 0..10V or PWM signal (for modulating burner control) 4
24VDC output for external devices bis zu 6W
Number of applications 13
Extension of pre-defined systems
by selectable additional functions
LEDs red/green for display of operating status
Programmable thermostat times and functions per day 2×3
Comfort function for quick heating
Heating circuit with mixer 0 – 2
Heating circuit without mixer 0 – 2
Domestic hot water function with operating times
Legionella function via solar
Legionella protecion via additional heating
Setup wizard
Solar-System protection
Solar-Collector protection
Buffer discharge protection
Anti-freeze protection
Seizing Protection
Start logic for vacuum tube collectors
Control program for self-dumping systems (drain-back)
Function control and error memory with date and time
Error memory and analysis with date and time
Input for low energy tariff or PV overproduction (PV contact)
Menu blocker
CAN bus connection for SOREL Connect
Data logging on microSD card ✓ (only on V2)
Ethernet connection
Dimensions Height x Width x Depth in mm 228 x 180 x 53
Housing colour RAL 9003
Protection Class IP40
Mounting Hardware, Spare Fuse and User Manual
CAN connection box
ARA661 Mischer
ARA661 Actuator
PT100 Fuehler
PT1000 Temperature sensors
Relais 1W6A
External relay 1W 6A
Immersion sleeves

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